Attracting Candidates

You need to promote your recruitment brand, you need to attract candidates, so it follows, you need to use job boards.

But you find yourself asking the same questions as everyone else, “Which job board should you use? “Which job board will attract the candidates I need?”, “Am I paying a fair price?”, “How will I know if I’m getting value for money?”, and “Why is this whole process so stressful?!”

Trust in Candidate Source to take away all these stresses from you.

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We understand your dilemma

Every year we have to decide which job boards to recommend to our clients, so we have to know who’s spending on marketing their job board, where they are spending it, and who they are attracting.

We understand what products will attract candidates, which products will drive traffic to your vacancy and which will promote your company brand. With our years of experience working with online job boards, we’ve established strong relationships with all of the key mainstream and niche websites and we know what is a fair price to pay.

For companies with multiple branches, we can structure your buying to combine access to relevant job boards with tangible savings, offering branches pricing as a group for online advertising that they would not be able to secure on an individual branch basis.

There are many benefits for using Candidate Source
for your media buying needs

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Advertising is one of a recruitment agency’s largest spends – don’t leave it to chance, let the experts help.