Yeah, you read that right. The Logistics industry is worth more than £74 Billion to the UK economy.

2.2 million people are employed within the UK’s Logistics sector.

Between August and December there is a 10% increase in demand for candidates within the Logistics industry, that’s approx. 100,000 vacancies.

The majority of people living in the UK don’t start thinking about Christmas until December, in fact most of us haven’t recovered from last year’s over spending and are still waiting to enjoy our Summer holiday!

This isn’t the case for the Recruitment industry, particularly recruiters who operate within Logistics. For them, Christmas starts NOW!

Working closely with recruiters across the UK, we are constantly being asked about the shortage of skilled candidates in this sector and, importantly, what we can do to help them fill their DRIVER SHEET.

The good news is we have used 45 years’ experience of finding the right candidates to develop a tailored package for the Logistics sector…to ensure you get the staff you need in time for that busy period.

This offer focuses on targeting the job boards that deliver the best results for this industry and then supplementing that with your own dedicated Account Handler, CV sifting service, and access to our proven advert writing expertise.

We want to give you peace of mind that your DRIVER SHEETS will be filled quickly, efficiently and within budget.



The package includes the best performing job boards for the Logistics sector, including:


But those aren’t all the boards – the advert will be posted across a total of 75+ job boards across the UK.

And there’s even more! We also provide…

Free up your time to focus on your core business by utilising our FREE advert writing service.  We will use our expertise to create an advert that attracts relevant quality candidates.
Only view CVs that are suitable for the role by using our FREE sifting service.
We can honestly say, hand on heart, we always get applications for our vacancies. 150 recruiters last year can vouch for that!

Our prices include a real person to write your advert, that advert is then posted across the best job boards, and a trained Consultant filters the responses…so you just get the best candidates to review.
You will be assigned an Account Handler to work with you at every step of the journey.