How the Job Boards Have Adapted to Support You During the Pandemic

July 13, 2020

Just returned from 2 months of being furloughed and my “to read” file that the team kept for me is full of job board updates. When comparing the email messages, it’s amazing just how quickly things have evolved over the past few months. It seems that job board marketing teams have been on a mission to show that job boards are still very much at the forefront of the candidate’s focus when looking for a new job.

The stats
There are a lot of figures, and although all the job boards claim to be the best, there’s a recurring theme across them all – there is more job seeker traffic and more CV registrations. CV-Library’s website traffic jumped up by 5.9% in June (year on year) and CV registrations were up by 19.2% year on year. On average, applications per vacancy have increased by a staggering 106% year on year, with some industries seeing a big influx of candidates:

Overall, CV-Library is receiving 30+ applications per job on average – twice as many as normal.

Increased visibility on LinkedIn
Sadly, my LinkedIn newsfeed is full of employees who have found themselves made redundant and are unexpectedly looking for a new role. LinkedIn has introduced “open to work”, enabling candidates to make it very clear they are available to consider new opportunities. They can let their network know they are available by updating their profile picture with a green #opentowork badge, show which job titles and locations they’d consider and if they are immediately available or casually browsing. Candidates can choose if they only want recruiters to see this information or anyone. By creating a post that includes #opentowork, they can reach even more people. We can all help job seekers by creating a new post with the “offer to help” option, stating how we can help, be it career coaching, referrals, or CV reviews. As a recruiter, you can easily identify those who have the badge, and even if they aren’t your connection, you can read their preferred job title, location, start date and job type.

Find a job with the help of Alexa
Alexa is getting in on the act by adding “Alexa, find me a job” to its skills. SNAPP CV Group has announced the launch of the new Alexa skill with the job data being powered thanks to their recent tie-up with CV-Library.

Free access to video interviews
Even my mother now has Zoom, but, understandably, many want to keep their account for personal use alone, perhaps (yet another) virtual pub quiz or family catch-up. For work-related activity, most of the leading job boards are offering a free (even if just a trial) video service to allow recruiters to interview potential hires remotely. They are also offering some very good guides on how to get the best from video interviews, such as Totaljobs “How To Conduct A Video Interview“. Just remember to keep the children occupied before you start!

An extended job-posting offer from CV-Library
To give your vacancy more exposure, any vacancies advertised on CV-Library by 24th July will be live for an extra 2 weeks. As CV-Library’s job search defaults to relevancy, a well-written advert will be front and centre for 6 weeks rather than the usual 4.

Work from home vacancies
Reed is still seeing huge numbers of people searching for ‘work from home’, which is unsurprising considering the current situation. For any roles which have the flexibility of working from home, it may be beneficial to mention this heavily in your advert to ensure that people searching for these terms find the relevant jobs. CV-Library’s data shows that 51.3% of people are more likely to look for remote working and have seen a 222.4% increase in candidates searching for jobs that offer WFH.

Acknowledge the impact of the pandemic
According to CV-Library’s recent whitepaper, your advert should acknowledge the pandemic and how this has impacted on the recruitment process. Video interviews, longer application processes, working remotely and the onboarding process, should they be successful, should be mentioned. It’s important to outline the next steps, so candidates aren’t left feeling like they are talking to themselves -timescales are always a winner. And as always – sell the perks and benefits of the job, along with salary, location and flexible working hours, which are all important to applicants at the moment.

There are loads more changes, and over the next coming weeks, we will be emailing you with more details, but for now, these are the bits that you need to be most aware of.

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