Entering The World Of Networking

February 4, 2019

Many people are now relying on technology more and more as part of their business day.

Technology has made it so that wherever we are in the world we can do business via our smartphones over email, LinkedIn and even hold business meetings and presentations virtually.

Technology definitely has its benefits and has opened up the world to more business opportunities being able to connect and communicate with more people than ever before, but it has also taken away an element of humanisation.

At Candidate Source we are guilty of using technology to do business.  We work with customers all over the UK and it is technology that allows us to do this but we still deal with people every day and as a business have always had a strong ethos on building strong relationships with our customers.

We communicate with our customers over the phone, by email and connect with many via social media channels.  We have worked with lots of them for many years and in between the work chat we share holiday recommendations, funny office goings-on and the next must-watch boxset.  Without technology, we wouldn’t have been able to build this relationship but being able to shake someone’s hand and speak to someone face to face is very different.

When setting goals for 2019 and looking at business growth one of the things we have said as a team is that we would like to get out and meet more people face to face.

So we welcome the world of networking.

We have recently become members of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and our plan is to use the networking events offered by the Chamber to meet more local businesses.

Keeping it local means that people will understand our Brummie accents. 😊

2019 is here and it’s time to put our plans into action but the nerves have kicked in.  We haven’t attended Networking events where we don’t know anyone for a long time.  We are used to attending events that are hosted by The Employment Agents Movement and as we have been part of the membership for about 9 years the TEAM Members are more like friends and family now.

How are we going to approach being the newbies?

We are going to be ourselves.

Yes it’s work and everyone is there for the same outcome of meeting potential new customers but at the same time, we are all just people.  No one wants to get stuck with that person who just talks work and is dull – we certainly do not want to be that person.

We have a lot of experience and knowledge of our industry so it will be great to share this with people it is relevant to.  We have met lots of people since starting our business that are experts in their own fields and it will be great to be able to share these contacts.  We will also meet people along the way that will be able to teach us new things and that excites us.

Yes, we are slightly nervous but we are also excited.  We will have some fun along the way and hopefully, in time these new people that we are anxious about meeting will become friends and we’ll wonder what all of the fuss was about.

Wish us luck and if you see us at one of the events pop over and say hello, we promise not to be dull. 😊

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