Candidate Source Referral Rewards

June 14, 2018

Here at Candidate Source Ltd, we recognise that referrals and word of mouth play a big part in the growth of our business and so wanted to create a scheme as a way of thanking our customers for recommending our services to other recruiters.

For every new client which is referred to us, as a thank you, we will reward you with 10% of the referrals spend during the first 3 months.


What’s in it for me?

If you recommend Candidate Source Ltd to a recruiter that goes on to place an order with us as a direct result of your recommendation, you will receive 10% of their spend for the first 3 months when they use the services of Candidate Source Ltd.


How do I refer a new client?

When speaking to a business that you believe will benefit from our services simply email your contact copying in This will then be logged on our system with you as the referrer so we know when your referral places an order that you are to receive the reward.


How will I know if my referral has placed an order?

Once your referral has placed their 1st order an email confirmation will be sent to you confirming which of your referrals has ordered and the dates at which your reward will run to and from for that referral.


How is my reward calculated?

Once your referral has paid their first invoice, 10% of that amount will be applied to your account. For subsequent paid orders of the same product within the first 3 months, you will also receive 10% of these invoice amounts.


What happens with my credit?

Once your referral’s 3 months have lapsed and full payment of the invoices has been made to Candidate Source Ltd by the client, 10% of the referrals spend during this 3 month period will be added to your account and applied to your next invoice.  An email will be sent to you to confirm the amount of your reward.


What is the 10% paid on?

The 10% is paid on the referrals spend within their first 3 months of becoming a client of Candidate Source Ltd.


Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make?

No, you can recommend us to as many new recruiters as you would like. For each new client you refer you will receive 10% of their first 3 months spend with Candidate Source Ltd.


If you have any questions or would like any further information about the referral scheme, give us a tinkle on 01675 462876


Terms and Conditions

In these terms

“referrer” means the business which recommends Candidate Source to a new client

“referral” means the new client

  • A new client is someone that is unknown to Candidate Source Ltd (e.g. current customer, past customer, a member of an organisation Candidate Source Ltd is a preferred supplier of and/or a business Candidate Source Ltd have had direct contact within the last 6 months).
  • Customers must purchase directly from Candidate Source Ltd.
  • In the event of referrals being received from different referrers, the referrer that sent the referral first will get the reward.
  • The reward will be awarded to the referrer once full payment of the invoice has been made to Candidate Source by the client.
  • The 10% is awarded for the first 3 months spend of the new client. The 3 months will commence from the date of the 1st order placed by the client.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals made by each referrer.
  • The reward scheme is not open to employees of Candidate Source Ltd.



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