An Introduction to Candidate Source

Fill more vacancies, with better candidates, in less time.

I have been recruiting for the past ten years and it’s good to know there is always something new to learn.

Paul Foster, Skylan Recruitment Ltd

The problem

Recruiting is a multi-faceted job. There’s a lot to think about. So, while you may have the ability to do it all, there isn’t always enough time in the day to:

  • Write effective recruitment adverts
  • Research job board performance (yes, all of them)
  • Buy job board space (at the best price)
  • Sift through a billion CVs

That’s where being allied with a recruitment expert like Candidate Source makes all the difference. We know every part of the process inside out, and our expertise allows you to worry less and do more recruiting.

But how?

Our primary service is to take the weight off your shoulders by directly dealing with the vacancies you’re struggling to fill. Not just the difficult jobs, but when you have too many vacancies than you have time for.

That means we:

  1. Take the vacancies off your hands
  2. Create bespoke job adverts to attract you the best candidates
  3. Advise you on the most relevant job boards for your vacancies
  4. Post your adverts
  5. Receive and filter all responses
  6. Pass on only the best candidates to you!

Therefore, you can fill more vacancies with better quality candidates in less time.

The secret to quantity and quality

Not all job adverts are equal. There is an art to writing a job advert that is often taken for granted and recruiters wonder why they aren’t getting a positive response to their ads.

Candidate Source write adverts that paint a picture in the candidate’s mind and give them a reason to choose your jobs over the competition.

We placed 2 ad-hoc listings as a trial for roles we had been unable to fill from our job board contracts or database. With CSL we secured 4 interviews from applicants in the first day alone.

John Russell, Spitfire Recruitment Ltd

To anyone with recruitment advert writing in their job description, we offer consultant training that teaches you the art of attracting quality candidates.  

Specialist knowledge

Job boards are a nightmare. With so many to choose from, each with their niche benefits, knowing which to use for a vacancy is a mammoth job. You could dive into the endless performance statistics, or you could leave it to an expert that knows the job boards comprehensively.

Candidate Source has built strong relationships with the leading UK job boards. We have monthly meetings to keep up with their marketing activity, technology changes and data on how job seekers are using their sites.

After many years of collating all this information, we know what job boards deliver. Our recommendations get you the best possible advertising package at the best price.

Gone are the days of trawling through job board stats. We just call Candidate Source, ask for their recommendation and place the ads in the relevant places.  It not only ensures a more relevant response, it saves us money!

Maxine Hart, Wote Street People

Our record of attracting quality candidates to your vacancies saw us voted Candidate Attraction Company of the Year 2017 at the RI Supplier Awards.

Conclusion – We’re here, but only when you need us

Candidate Source is often used as an ad-hoc service to boost the efficiency of the recruiting process. There are no contracts involved, so you’re flexible to use us as and when.

If you think you might benefit from having a recruitment expert on your side, give us a call on 01675 462 876. We’re honest, friendly people, and we’d love a frank conversation on how we can help.